Healing Ministry

This work is more controversial in liberal Quaker communities that some of my other ministries. There is a deeply powerful and mystic experience that comes from each of these areas of healing ministry that is transformational and holistically healing to many. Distinguished semantically from curing ministry, my work in healing ministry is not a kind of magic to replace modern medicine. Rather, healing ministry is the spiritual and emotional care giving that supports a sense of wholeness and whole personhood that contrasts with the dehumanization that often happens in medical settings (and other times and places in life) and compliments medically treatments as proven by public health research.

Healing Worship

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) has a rich history of Meeting for Worship with Attention to Healing. Often reduced to simply "holding someone in the Light," Quaker healing worship has throughout time included the laying on of hands, intercessory prayer, and silent worship. If your community would like to know more about the history or contemporary practice of Healing Worship or would like me to come facilitate a session, please be in touch. 

Spiritual Direction

I am currently finishing training for Spiritual Direction through the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.  I offer spiritual direction to individuals and groups and participate in a regular confidential peer group that supports the development of my skills and gifts in spiritual direction. Spiritual Direction sessions are usually an hour, start and end in silence and prayer, and create space to explore the role of the Divine in your life.  I may ask questions, offer metaphors and imagery, or tell a story, but mostly I'm listening to you and helping you dig deeper into that spiritual part of your life. For more information about this service, please visit my page about Spiritual Direction and contact me with any questions. 

Spiritual Caregiving

If you or someone you know is struggling with loss, grief, questions of meaning & purpose, faith, etc., having someone present with you in that space is often supportive and comforting. Whether in the hospital, at home, at the end of life or going in for surgery, there are tools and gifts of Spiritual Caregiving that can support you on your journey. The ministry that I provide meets you where you are, right in the thick of it, and I strive to be present with you, listen actively & deeply, and support you emotionally & spiritually. For more information, please visit my page about this service. 

End of Life Midwifery and Legacy Design

My work in Interfaith Chaplaincy and Elder-Care has cultivated in me a passion in creating dignified experiences and sacred spaces for those at the end of life. I have been inspired by the work of Megory Anderson and participate in the online community of Sacred Dying Vigil keepers who support each other in providing end of life spiritual care. I also offer help in Legacy Design, the work of assisting people in creating by video, audio, or written messages for their family and loved ones for after their death. More information on Legacy Design can be found on my page about this service and more information about End of Life Midwifery and Vigils can be found on my page about Transition Rituals and Care.

Transition Rituals and Care

In addition to the transitions between life and death, rituals and care can be helpful in processing and honoring other life transitions. Blessingways, Spiritually-based showers and retreats can be a beautiful way to honor the coming of a baby or a new marriage. Coming of age rituals like fire-sits or wilderness solos can offer space for deep reflection and personal transformation. Transition care, for the challenges of all kinds of transitions, like marriage, divorce, having a baby, losing a baby, loss of a loved one, celebration of an anniversary, etc. can support and nurture you through that time. This work pairs my gifts and skills in spiritual caregiving and my love for creating authentic unique ritual. For more information visit my page on this service and contact me with your questions and interest. 

Herbalism Consultation

I am currently a student of Aviva Romm M.D.'s program Herbal Medicine for Women. I am training to be an Herbalism Educator and Consultant and I hope to offer education and consultation in herbalism in the future. If you would like to have an informal conversation about how herbs and alternative medicines might benefit your journey, I'd love to have a cup of tea with you and share with you some of what I am learning. As a community herbalist, I do not ever claim to be able to cure ailments. I can however, give you clear and easy to understand information about herbs and the herbal remedies and products I produce so that you can make informed decisions about your own care.

Healing Touch/ Reiki

I am the process of training in the art and practice of Reiki and hope to offer this service in the future. Please check back here or on my page about this service for more information in the Fall of 2016.