Herbalism Consultations

Using my chemistry and health background and merging it with my studies and passion of spirituality and holistic health, I've have discovered gifts and developed skills within the field of Herbalism. I am currently a student of Aviva Romm M.D.'s program Herbal Medicine for Women where I am training to be an Herbalism Educator and Consultant. As a community herbalist, I do not ever claim to be able to cure or even treat ailments. I can however, give you clear and easy to understand information about herbs and herbal remedies as well as about the products I produce so that you can make informed decisions about your own care.  

I strive to provides quality herbal remedies and informed herbal consultations to accompany you on your journey into wellness. My mission is to be that of a dear friend who travels with you, supports you, and helps you strengthen your body and mind. Please contact me if you would like to set up an herbal consultation or have questions to which I may be of help answering.