Media & Arts Commissions

Blogging and Writing

I began blogging as a travel writer in 2010 as I traveled around the world during my Seminary education. I had resisted blogging for many years, scared by my friends' use of MyJournal to gossip about people when I was in high school. With the age of Facebook dawning as a college student and blogging becoming a more prominent means to communicate with friends and family particularly when traveling, I gave it a try. Over the past five years, I have kept writing--sometimes for the sheer purpose of conveying an idea or a story to my friends and family and other times for assignments and projects.  My blog can be found on this site and a list of my writing projects can be found in my portfolio.I'm exploring the possibility of freelance writing, particularly in the fields of religion and spirituality. If you are looking for a writer for a particular project, please contact me for details. 


While still an amateur photographer, I love taking pictures. Color, lines, texture, and light catch my eye daily and I've challenged myself to engage more with this art form. I would love to get more professional experience in portraits, wedding and event photography, and in other areas like travel, spirituality, stock footage, and sports. I am interested in doing some reduced fee and pro-bono work as I build my portfolio. Please contact me if you have an opportunity of interest. Also, if you would like to use my photography (downloads, digital or print publishing, etc...) or would like to buy a print, please contact me to discuss details and pricing. 


About four years ago, I started experimenting with video work. My first films were shaky and poorly shot. My editing skills young and raw. After lessons from my husband in video editing, personal experience, and a lot of hard work, I'm working consistently on personal and community projects. My portfolio displays work from the past two years. I'm working on a few projects currently for Quaker committees and will be posting those up as they come out. At the core of this work is the deep belief in storytelling and helping communities reach out to each other. Feel free to check out my portfolio, I keep it updated as my work is released to the public. 

Craft and Visual Art

Coming Soon... please check back.