Photography Portfolio

While still an amateur photographer, I love taking pictures. Color, lines, texture, and light catch my eye daily and I've challenged myself to engage more with this art form. I would love to get more professional experience in portraits, wedding and event photography, and in other areas like travel, spirituality, stock footage, and sports. I am interested in doing some reduced fee and pro-bono work as I build my portfolio. Please contact me if you have an opportunity of interest. Also, if you would like to use my photography (downloads, digital or print publishing, etc...) or would like to buy a print, please contact me to discuss details and pricing. 

2015-August, Allen's Neck Clam Bake

2015-August, New England Yearly Meeting

2015-August, HeeBee Cooking Weekend

2015-July, Make Way for Ducklings!

2015-July, A Quaker Card Game: Unable, Unwilling

2015 Guaraldi Family

2015 Stacy Family

2015-March, Travel to Florida

2009-November/December, Camino de Santiago