Spiritual Caregiving

I currently work at several hospitals in New England as an Interfaith Staff Chaplain. I provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, families and staff in the hospital, assist the Chaplaincy departments in holding noon-day and holiday interfaith worship services, lead spirituality groups for Psych patients and do various other chaplain related things as needed. In addition, I have worked part time at Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services as the Coordinator of Spiritual Caregiving, a program that trains, supervises, and matches volunteers with elders for spiritual and emotional support. My work as a spiritual caregiver has been a confluence of my training in interreligious dialogue, peacemaking, and pastoral Care. I love working with people; showing up, being present, and listening deeply with people who are questioning and/or suffering.  

One-on-One Visiting

If you or someone you know is struggling with loss, grief, questions of meaning & purpose, faith, etc., having someone present with you in that space is often supportive and comforting. Whether in the hospital, at home, at the end of life or going in for surgery, there are tools and gifts of Spiritual Caregiving that can support you on your journey. The ministry that I provide meets you where you are, right in the thick of it, and I strive to be present with you, listen actively & deeply, and support you emotionally & spiritually. Schedule permitting, I offer regular meetings in the home and/or hospital room of care-seekers, and I abide by some simple parameters of Spiritual Caregiving and Chaplaincy. These meetings are separate from work as a chaplain. 

  • Confidentiality: I keep personal information confidential. Therefore, you can feel free to share with me without worrying that everyone else will know about it. There are rare occasions when I must share confidential information in order to save a life. Those occasions are suicide, homicide, or abuse.
  • Professional Consultation: On rare occasions I may decide that the best way to care for you is to consult with a mental health professional. In such cases confidentiality is strictly maintained.
  • Referral to a Professional: Some care receivers end up needing professional care. In such a case, I will inform the you and help you obtain the care you need. That may mean that the caring relationship with me will be interrupted or even have to end. When a care receiver needs professional care, the relationship with the me as a Spiritual Caregiver may continue only after the care receiver has met with the professional and the professional has given permission for the Spiritual Caregiving relationship to continue.

In our first meeting together, I will go over the parameters that I use in Spiritual Caregiving meetings, answer any questions, and together we will sign an agreement to give and receive care. We will discuss scheduling, format, preferred spiritual language, and duration of care. In some cases, such as spiritual preparation for surgery, there may be an obvious end date to our work together. In other cases, the end date is not clear; in those cases, we will decide on a re-evaluation time to discern together then if and how Spiritual Care continues.  

If you are curious about possibly receiving care or know someone who might be interested and would like to know more, please contact me to set up a phone conversation and/or an initial discernment meeting. I am also available to lead workshops and training in Spiritual Caregiving for religious communities, Pastoral Care teams, and other interested groups. More information about workshops and training that I lead can be found on my page Courses & Workshops.