Spiritual Direction

Sometimes you simply need to talk to someone who is also on a spiritual path and can help you discern your path. That’s what a spiritual director does–gently and carefully accompanies you along the journey. In our sessions I listen and reflect back to you the wisdom that I notice in you. Sometimes that is in the form of an image, a reference, or through reflecting back to you what I am hearing.  Most importantly, I do all of this without judgment. I want you to discover for yourself where you are being led.

Individual spiritual direction ordinarily involves a private meeting–in person, by telephone or skype–about once a month for an hour.  If you live in or near the Upper Valley (VT/NH) we can meet in person. If you live elsewhere we can work by phone or by Skype.

The session usually begins in silent reflection as both director and directee collect themselves in the presence of the Divine. Then, the person in direction will share whatever is real and important that is going on in their life. Together the directee and director explore where there are openings, invitations and wisdom emerging for the directee.

Spiritual direction is an excellent practice for becoming more aware of God’s presence, for savoring the goodness in your life, and for sorting out difficult life situations and choices (discernment). Spiritual direction centers around wisdom, personal awareness, calls & leadings and the holiness of everyday life.

Feel free to contact me to set up a session.