Spiritual Direction

Sometimes you simply need to talk to someone who is also on a spiritual path and can help you discern your path. That’s what a spiritual director does–gently and carefully accompanies you along the journey. Mostly, we listen and reflect back to you the wisdom of God that we notice in you. Most importantly, we do this without judgment. We want you to discover for yourself where you are being led.

Individual spiritual direction ordinarily involves a private meeting–in person, by telephone or skype–about once a month for an hour. The session usually begins in silent prayer as both director and directee collect themselves in the presence of God. Then, the person in direction will share whatever is real and important that is going on in his or her life. Together the directee and director explore where God is present and what God’s invitation to the directee may be.

Spiritual direction is an excellent practice for becoming more aware of God’s presence, for savoring the goodness in your life, and for sorting out difficult life situations and choices (discernment). Spiritual direction centers around God, prayer, meditation and the holiness of everyday life.

While coming to this work with a solid foundation and training in Chaplaincy and Spiritual Caregiving, I am training with the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Direction, which means that I am offering Spiritual Direction for a reduced rate for the duration of my training. I am part of a peer group whom I confidentially (your name and personal information will never be used) discuss my Spiritual Direction sessions and receive support and guidance for the development of my skills and gifts in Spiritual Direction.  My training is a combination of retreat time and correspondence work. 

Individual session (in person, by phone or Skype): suggested donation $30-$60

Group Spiritual Direction facilitation: suggested donation $10 per person, per hour, minimum 3 people and 3 hours

Group Spiritual Direction retreats (to be offered 4 times per year, 9am-3pm with lunch included): suggested donation $60-$100/person

**suggested donations for spiritual direction sessions are listed above, but I want my services to be available to all. Barters and trades may also be possible and may include things like trading childcare, yardwork, and craft lessons for spiritual direction sessions. 

To make an appointment call 443-824-2055 or email me through this website. If you live in or near the Hanover, New Hampshire area we can meet in person. If you live elsewhere we can work by phone or by Skype.