Transition Rituals and Care

End of Life Midwifery and Vigils

My work in Interfaith Chaplaincy and Elder-Care has cultivated in me a passion in creating dignified experiences and sacred spaces for those at the end of life. I have been inspired by the work of Megory Anderson and participate in the online community of Sacred Dying Vigil keepers who support each other in providing end of life spiritual care. I also offer help in Legacy Design, the work of assisting people in creating by video, audio, or written messages for their family and loved ones for after their death. More information on Legacy Design can be found on my page about this service.


In addition to the transitions between life and death, rituals and care can be helpful in processing and honoring other life transitions. Blessingways, Mother blessings and other Spiritually-based showers and retreats can be a beautiful way to honor the coming of a baby or a new marriage. 

Other Transition Rituals

Coming of age rituals like fire-sits or wilderness solos can offer space for deep reflection and personal transformation. Transition care, for the challenges of all kinds of transitions, like marriage, divorce, having a baby, losing a baby, loss of a loved one, celebration of an anniversary, etc. can support and nurture you through that time. This work pairs my gifts and skills in spiritual caregiving and my love for creating authentic unique ritual. 

For any of these kinds of ritual and care, please contact me for an initial consultation. The work I offer includes planning with you, guiding you through a process of discernment of what is best for you or your loved one at this time, organizing the ritual and care and facilitating as is wanted. Often this process means meeting several times with a client for planning, discernment and organization, spending time organizing and communicating with needed groups, and then being present for the ritual or the caregiving, helping to set up, facilitate and clean up. My services are supported by donations, so please spend some time discerning what might work for your.  I can give suggested donation amounts for my services if you would like them.